What can we do for you?


First of all, we can listen to you. Without hurry, openly and with lots of questions, to understand each other completely. Then consider how we can respond to your needs and wishes in the most creative way. That is because we don’t see only clients and requests in our work, but also partners and ideas. Your job becomes our job. We care about your company’s success as much as you do it yourself.


We will research, think and create. We will join our forces, cooperate and reach the best solutions. We will produce, organize and let the world know. And follow up our success together.
We’ll be with you from the beginning to the end, through all stages of the exciting journey of creating communications. Therefore we can ask you, without fear – What can we do for you? – as we can do anything you need.



Traditionally, PR is placing your message/news/product in the (traditional) media. As an active and flexible agency which keeps pace with the constantly changing world, we know that PR is so much more – it has evolved and become more integrated in the overall marketing and communications of a company. Our strategic and functional solutions include both the traditional approach and online tools and all the riches of the new media, a combination which guarantees the most efficient communication.

As our first passion, the public relations are still one of the most important aspects of our work. The service we will provide to you is complete, precise and it hits the target, no matter if it’s in Serbia or anywhere else in the region. We also believe that PR must be energetic and creative and that it functions best when it contains all segments we are offering:

  • Creating a database of journalists for a specific area
  • Regularly updating the key media database
  • Localization of press releases and news (translation, proofreading…)
  • Distribution of press releases, including follow-up and clip reports
  • Local contact person for cooperation with journalists
  • Media follow-up
  • Managing the product testing process


How do we do all this? This is how: we create and distribute the contents which is considered to be relevant by the journalists and the public, we follow its impact in the media and analyze the results, we prepare effective material which is always new and unique, we plan advertising campaigns in a way which supplements our PR strategy.


When we are organizing an event, only two things are on our mind: everything must be flawless, and it must remain in everybody’s memory for a long time. And this means that we have completely covered all elements of planning and organization, and surely, that we’ve had excellent and effective ideas.

With us, there are no limits with respect to the size and importance of an event, the number of guests and attractiveness of the program, no matter if it is a corporate party, an event for important guests or an artistic happening, or if the clients are from the public or private sector. The only thing that matters are your wishes.

From the creative team who will design an original concept for the event, through experts who will guarantee that every aspect of the organization is flawless, to the multidisciplinary teams which will make all your and our ideas work perfectly and ensure that everything goes smoothly from the beginning to the end. And what’s also important, thanks to our well-developed network, we are able to organize events not only in Serbia, but throughout the region, and even worldwide, using the following:

  • Exploring the locations
  • Proposing event concepts
  • Visual communication (conceptual design, branding of premises, conference materials, gifts…)
  • Booking flights and accommodation
  • Organizing additional features
  • VIP motivational speakers (negotiations, briefing, scenario…)
  • Technical support


BTL removes any ‘intermediaries’ in your communication with the clients and it is an economic way of sending a message directly to a significant number of potential users, establishing a high-quality relationship with them and receiving a useful feedback, but it is at the same time a very powerful sales tool.

We also know how to overcome the basic problem in this, promotional field, which is – how to use the available tools in a subtle and moderate, and yet precise and effective way. We are able to send a precise message and to enable you to create a specific relationship of confidence and understanding with your clients, which means much more to them than the persistent and aggressive sales ATL messages. Some of the communications channels we are using:

  • Point-of-sale promotion
  • Creating a stand and promotional materials
  • Handing out flyers, samples and other promotional materials
  • Designing an exhibition space, special programs for salespersons in shopping centers
  • Providing our clients with all types of POS materials.


In this segment, we can offer you the best solutions for you to maximize the efficiency of your presence in the new, social media. The adequate strategy and tactics with help of which we are going to reach your objectives constitute an integrated and proactive approach which is our trademark. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, applications, creative new features, viral, augmented reality… We use all new media and technologies to send your unique message through adequate channels.

We are offering you:

  • Community management
  • Facebook applications
  • Facebook advertising
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Maintaining pages in all social networks
  • Social media consulting
  • Creating and maintaining a web site

While working as an addition to your team in all areas of communication and are equally excited with the success of your business as you are, we’ll recognize your specific features instead of offering you already standardized SEO services, discover the missed opportunities and tailor a marketing formula for success based on your specific needs.

Whether it is analysis, SEO, paid search engine advertising, web development or just more presence on the social network, we are covering all phases of your online presentation which will position your brand and your company in a completely new and unique way.


  • Visual identity
  • Printed materials
  • Advertisement solutions
  • Corporate documents
  • Designing the web presentation appearance
  • Designing the appearance of applications
  • Other materials


Our advantage is an integrated approach and the “all in one place” principle. You will no longer need several agencies to cover individual aspects of your trade fair presentation. Share with us the goal you want to achieve with your presentation, and we will get an overview of your overall business, define and develop the entire strategy for presentation and make it work. According to the “turn-key” principle, our team which consists of top architects and designers will design and construct your exhibition space, and the colleagues in charge of communications will take care of the marketing and PR aspect of your.

We are offering you the following, all in one place:

  • Designing a trade fair stand
  • 3D models
  • Stand construction
  • Furniture leasing or purchase
  • Stand maintenance services
  • Catering and organizing events at the stand (cocktail parties, press conferences…)
  • Logistics services
  • Design and production of guides and publications
  • Advertising
  • Technical services
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